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Brand Strategy Board Bundles

I designed these 4 Trello boards to take you behind the curtain and show you the exact processes and checklists I used to scale my business and leave my 9-5. No more mile long lists. No more wondering "wth did I do all day?" No more "I just don't know where to start." Brand & business organization made simple. Use these boards to achieve next-level success sans next-level stress.

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& the crowd goes wild...

"As someone who tried this out without any prior experience with Trello, I am so impressed, and sad I didn't know about Trello sooner! Your step by step guide was phenomenal & helped me to understand so many important things I should have already known within my brand & business. The attention to detail was impeccable! These boards were super easy to add & the video helped a lot too! I can’t wait to see the progress! Kate, you are such an amazing gal who knows her stuff! Seriously, I couldn’t be more thankful!"

Alyssa W.

Wow, I never knew how badly I needed Trello until Kate shared these amazing boards with me! As a creative, my brain is constantly flooded with new ideas, thoughts, and designs. I can't tell you how many times I've lost an idea and spent hours digging through my phone, email, or notebooks trying to track them down. These Trello boards allow me to house it all in one very organized space. Now I can come up with a new idea for my business and confidently dump it on my board to come back to when I'm ready! For the entrepreneur that's full of inspiration, overwhelmed and slightly unorganized- this. is. for. you! The Brand Clarity board is probably my favorite because it allows me to lay out who I am as a coach and stick to it. I can't wait to see the long term gains I have in my business!

Tatiana O.

Kate’s Trello package is so amazing! The biggest challenges I’ve had with starting my own business have been defining my brand and setting my prices. The Brand Clarity page is helping me narrow my focus into a more defined “brand”- a more authentic view of who I am and what I bring to the table. The Client Personas page helped me “dream big” about my future, and I am now getting a much clearer vision of where my talents can take me when I find the right clients. This package is full of information to help me turn interested information seekers into paying clients. I was only able to dip my toe into this awesome package- I can’t wait to see what it can bring me over the coming weeks (and beyond!) Thank you Kate!

Logan W.

Behind the screen.

Hey y'all! I’m Kate Pannell, brand & biz coach and marketing strategist. Color Me Kate is not your mother's marketing & creative co. Born out of a dream of independence, a fancy for color psychology, marketing strategy, and a leap of faith, Color Me Kate is my way of pouring back into the creative community. I work one-on-one with makers, doers and dreamers to prevent brand identity crisis and connect the dots between what they’re made for and what they’re paid for. 

It's time creatives put their profit where their passion is. 

Here you'll find resources to help you scale your business & feel damn doing it. 

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